Between the village and the beach, the Parc de la Prade is a link between the sea and the landscape.

The design of this large park, conforming to coastal laws, allows advance warning of possible flood risks; thanks to the storm water basins, thus contributing to the well being and safety of local residents.
You can use the 2.5kms of pathways to walk, cycle or rollerblade and also take advantage of the sports circuit set in the heart of the park. A kindergarten for 2 to 8 year olds, three lakes with aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, and a bird sanctuary complete the facilities of the park.  

In 2011, the “City Stade” was built to meet the demands of the youth of St. Cyprien; it is part of a larger communal project. Not far from the kindergarten, it benefits all sports lovers. The “City Stade” is a “multi-sports” playing area.

30 metres long by 18 metres wide it has a total space of 540m², and is equipped as a genuine multi-purpose playing facility consisting of: two multi-purpose metal goal posts for football and handball, basketball rings, and four mini goals (Brazilian-style).