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You will truly discover Saint-Cyprien and feel better

Village streets perfumed by wisteria, the soft brush against stone walls heated by the sun, bright floral displays, the clear sounds of instruments accompanying a Sardane, the gravelly Mediterranean accent of the locals, anticipating the return of the trawlers, fish sales along the quay, the play of light and water, a feeling of space and well-being...
Indulge yourself, you will love Saint-Cyprien.

As soon as you enter the Jardin des Plantes, the words of the song “C’est un jardin extraordinaire “ (This is an extraordinary garden) will spring to mind, you will immediately feel a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Breathe a sigh of well-being
Take your time, go on foot or by bicycle, stroll along the quays, or follow the trails between the beach and lagoon

The gentle art of living
Enjoy a moment of relaxation in one of the Spas of Saint Cyprien, havens of tranquillity, a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Laze on the beach or at Grand Stade les Capellans, soaking up the sun.